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Would You Rather Be A No Name NBDL Player Or Be The Greatest Badminton Player Of All Time

This one is easy for me. Yeah it would be great to play in the NBDL because that most likely means you were a starter at a Division 1 College but come on. To rule the Badminton circuit? Just smashing shuttlecocks down peoples throats left and right. How badass would that be? I would just say outlandish shit all the time. Like the John Rocker of badminton. How could the sporting world ignore me when I’m throwing badminton flair in their face 24/7? I would get on Sporstcenter every single night.  Not to mention I’m pretty sure telling a girl that you’re the greatest badminton player of all time is an instant panty dropper.

Pick - The Biggest Baddest Badminton Player Of All Time.


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