Well It Looks Like I Found My Tattoo

How can I not get this on my back? Its my destiny. I don’t care if it costs thousands of dollars, there are needs and wants in life and this right here is a need.

Only thing I will change is instead of “Loyalty” and “Freedom” it will say “Nic Cage” and “I Hate Florida”.

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Check Out This Minnesota State Fair Skullet

So this picture was taken at the Minnesota State Fair and I’m not going to lie I think this Skullet just redeemed the entire state of Minnesota, straight up. I take back all the mean things I’ve said, the DUI jokes, the fat jokes, jokes about BrettFavre, all of it. If this guy is a Minnesotan then I’m jealous of the entire state, because you just don’t see skullets like this everday of the week. This guy could play for me anyday.


Are we sure this isn’t Jesse Ventura?


I was joking about the DUI thing.  You guys are still a bunch of drunk idiots.

Thanks to seth for the tip

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  • good for you guys, something to be proud of… if i was a sox fan that might hurt my feelings.

    - Big Daddy
  • Its true, everyone in Minny has one, but that’s what makes us special. That and the twins kicking the white sox ass every year

    - jimmy
  • what’s the DUI thing, doesnt everyone from MN have a DUI at some point or another?

    - Big Daddy

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I Don’t Want This Andrei Kirilenko Painting, I NEED This Andrei Kirilenko Painting

I’m not even a Jazz fan or a fan of Russian people in general but I need this painting so fucking bad. I mean you can’t build a world renowned art collection if you’re not willing to take a few risks. And when Andrei Kirilenko is saying come hither with an eagle on his shoulder and a bear riding his dick, well thats the type of risk worth taking.

So, so long $5,000, hello Andrei Kirilenko war/bear painting and ramen noodle dinners for the next 6 months. If that’s the price you have to pay for true beauty then so be it.

Thanks to borgs for the tip

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Jonathan Lee Riches, The Zeus Of Lawsuits, Has Sued Over 3,800 People

(Newser) – Federal inmate Jonathan Lee Riches has sued Stevie Wonder. He’s sued George W. Bush. He’s sued Michael Vick and Martha Stewart. He’s sued the philosopher Plato and the ex-planet Pluto. Riches has filed more than 3,800 lawsuits while in jail—many of them against people or entities that can’t be sued—and now he’s being sued himself by federal officials seeking to stop the flood of frivolous lawsuits, the AP reports.

Riches—who calls himself the “Zeus of lawsuits”—has filed suits in nearly every jurisdiction in the country since being jailed almost a decade ago for an online credit card scam. Federal officials want the Bureau of Prisons to block his outgoing mail or have a court employee designated to determine whether the lawsuits are frivolous before they are filed.

I fucking love this guy. Go big or go home right? You want to be the Zeus of lawsuits well then lets get our sue on. Suing everyone under the fucking sun. Dead guys, blind guys, any one and everyone, no one is safe from getting sued. If you’ve even looked at Jonathan Lee Riches the wrong way you better expect a lawsuit on your front doorstep by 8 am.

And I love the self appointed nickname. Classy move. Doesnt matter if anyone has ever called you the Zeus of lawsuits if you think you’re the best out there and deserve to be named after a mythological god then have at it bro, I for one am not going to step in your way, I don’t want to get my ass sued.


I can’t believe they stopped that lawsuit on the planet Pluto. That fucking guy had a lawsuit coming his way for a long time. Happy someone finally stepped up to the plate.

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  • Kev you just got sued for that comment and so did I…damn, how do we beat this guy?

    - WAM
  • Careful Big Cat, you may get sued if you talk smack about him

    - kev

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I Could Watch This Video All Day Long

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That’s right Eli, Jim Leonhard, from the great University of Wisconsin, just made you bleed your own blood. I’m actually surprised Archie didn’t come down onto the field like one of those crazy soccer moms.

Either way I could watch Eli leak all day long.

Oh Hes leaking, hes leaking, someone better bring the ambalamps

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  • Preseason football is INTENSE

    - tj

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I’m Having A Heart Attack Just Looking At This Burger

Ever wanted a doughnut with your hamburger? You’re not the only one. If you search hard enough, you can try and track down a bacon cheeseburger with a glazed Krispy Kreme donut as its bun.

The burger is sometimes referred to as the “Luther Burger” after R&B singer Luther Vandross

So what if its going to be a millions degree in Chicago, I could sit outside on the hot pavement and eat Luther’s all day. Might as well just serve the thing on an American flag because it doesn’t get anymore badass than this.

Thanks to fat bastard for the tip. obvi

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Letting Your Friend Swing A Samurai Sword At You While Drunk? Great Idea

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Hey thanks asshole cameraman. Real cool to tell everyone its a bad idea after the guy cuts his friends hand off. Way to step up to the plate and be a team player. I for one thought that was going to work out. Beer and swords usually mix well and as far as I could tell no one spoke up saying it was a bad idea therefore it has to be a good idea.

In retrospect they probably should have gone with a more trained/skilled swordsman. I know just the guy.

Don’t want to see the cold steel spartan under 21 feet, that’s for damn sure.

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  • Those jorts are the best jorts ever worn

    - kev

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Welcome To The Big Leagues Denny’s

• Fried cheese melt, made with four fried mozzarella sticks and melted American cheese grilled between two slices of sourdough bread. It is served with French fries and a side of marinara sauce, $4

I fucking love it. America has an obesity problem and every fast food company says fuck it, we’re getting fatter. KFC did the double down, McDonalds came out with god knows what, now Denny’s is stepping up to the plate. That’s the American way, tell us we can’t do something. Fine, we’ll not only do it but we’ll stomp on your dick while doing so. Grill Cheese not fatty enough for you? Perfect, we’ll just add more cheese, except this time we’re frying it first.

And everyone tries to say Americans are a bunch of fat dumb idiots. Would fat dumb idiots put mozzerella sticks inside a grill cheese? I don’t fucking think so. That’s the work of a genius right there.


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  • As a vegetarian, I felt like I have been lagging behind in the heart clogging delicacies. Hopefully, this will help level the playing field a bit.

    - Meatman's Lesser Brother

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