Introducing The Hottest New Dance Move In America - “The Wheelchair Shawty”

Is this dance move mildly offensive? You bet. Does that mean I can ignore it? Fuck no. I would be letting everyone down if I let my morals get in the way of my dancing. So go ahead and do the wheelchair shawty, just know that you’re most likely going to hell.


I’m a little upset that Like Berney got dethroned that quickly. Usually takes at least a month for me to find the next greatest move. I guess everyone is coming out with their new shit for the holidays.

Lets face it, nothing says family time around the christmas tree like pretending you are a wheelchair bound handicapped person.


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8 Responses to “Introducing The Hottest New Dance Move In America - “The Wheelchair Shawty””

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  • wow JR you have no sense of humor huh? I will spell it out for you. Anonymous meant “genes” but wrote “jeans” as a joke so that he doesn’t have to be racist but all the while knowing that whoever reads it will think “genes” and thus be the racist. You’re dense…

  • really?? really? you think Anonymous was talking about BigCat’s jeans? please.

  • really JR? I think it was suppose to be that way on purpose. You’re just one of those miserable people who takes everything way to seriously

  • JR I think he was talking about Big Cat’s jeans not being baggy enough. what are you racist?

  • Boom Roasted

  • too bad you’re not observant enough to realize you wrote ‘jeans’

  • not gunna lie here, I mean call me sherlock holmes i guess, but I’m starting to realize what it takes to pull off all these new hot shit dance moves. And Big Cat there’s something about your jeans that makes me doubt you could

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