Well This Is The Creepiest Thing Ever - Chick Loves Eating Toilet Paper

Wait, what??? Is this real life right now? I feel like this must be a joke or something. Does this lady really take down a roll of bounty single ply every single day? Fuck, and I thought I was nuts because I drink iced coffee in December. Kind of puts a whole new perspective on weird.

Then again I’ve never eaten toilet paper before so I guess I shouldn’t knock it until I try it. I’m just scared I’ll get addicted to the taste. I mean if it happened to Kesha it could happen to anyone. It starts as a fun little taste and next thing you know I’m homeless, friendless, and balls deep in charmin.


I love when Kesha tries to convince her sister to try it, like its a fucking blow pop or something. Sorry Kesha, pretty sure no one else on the planet wants to eat toilet paper.

I’m pretty sure TLC realized a while ago that Discovery is way better, so their business model became weirding the fuck out of everyone. Seems to be working, you know, if you’re into eating toilet paper.


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