Hulk Hogan’s Wedding Turns Into Brawl, Are You Surprised?

Clearwater, FL, United States (CNS) - Hulk Hogan’s wedding was like a recreation of his wrestling career. The 57-year-old wrestler married girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel in a ceremony that required cops for intervention Tuesday evening.

Hulk – real name Terry Bollea – was about to exchange I Do’s with Jennifer when a scuffle broke out. TMZ sources claim that a photographer was trying to take pictures of the pro wrestler and his bride-to-be during the ceremony in their backyard, which happens to be on the beach.

But when a family employee told the paparazzo to leave, a brawl broke out. This was when Hulk and Jennifer were saying their vows.

The cops were called, but since no one wanted to press charges, no one got arrested and the couple were able to say their I Do’s.

This is the second marriage for Hulk. He was first married to Linda from 1983 to 2007

First of all, Hulk must not have known I moved this past summer. Thats really the only explanation for not getting a wedding invitation, which is cool, mistakes happen. Second, is anyone actually surprised a fight broke out at the Hulk’s wedding? Its the fucking Hulk. Of course there was a fight. I bet there was a cake and some pigs in a blanket too. Seriously, I would be thoroughly disappointed if something didn’t go down at Hulk’s wedding. Guy is a showman through and through.


Who has a wedding on a Tuesday night? Oh that’s right Hulk Hogan does.I bet Tuesday is the new Saturday within the next 6 months. That’s how trendsetters work, they decide when the weekend starts.


Does anyone else think his new wife looks WAY too much like his daughter? That’s gotta be awkward when people point that out.


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