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Would You Rather Be 3 Feet Tall Or 9 Feet Tall?

The real question here is not 3 feet vs 9 feet because anyone would take 9 feet. The real question is how coordinated you would be at 9 feet. Like if you’re some monster who is in the NBA, dunking in people’s faces, banging NBA groupies, living the high life, then 9 feet is an absolute no-brainer. But if you’re one of those really awkward tall guys that constantly has to deal with people asking him why he doesn’t play basketball, basically spending his entire life explaining to everyone that he is an uncoordinated waste of space, then I think being 3 feet tall is the way to go. I mean it would probably suck balls to be that short, both literally and figuratively but at least you can skate through life without anyone paying attention to you. No such luck when you’re the tall kid that sucks at sports.

Pick - 3 Feet Tall.


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