Well Now I’ve Officially Seen It All, Rex Ryan Making Foot Fetish Films With His Wife

(Full Story at Deadspin) There’s a celebrity in the foot-fetish world who posts videos with titles like “Hot Mature Sexy Feet.” The videos feature a woman who looks like Jets coach Rex Ryan’s wife, Michelle — and, in one, a man offscreen who sounds like Rex.

And this is exactly why I love the Internet. Yesterday I said that the lady who eats toilet paper on the reg was the creepiest thing ever. Well not so fast Big Cat. Because little did we know Rex Ryan is out there making Foot Fetish movies like he is the James Cameron of the Foot Porno game.

And you know what. I’m secretly kind of jealous of Rex Ryan. Not that he gets rock hard from rubbing his wife’s feet, thats fucking gross. No, I’m jealous that Rex Ryan does whatever the fuck he wants whenever the fuck he wants. Like you always here people saying they don’t care what other people think, but at the end of the day you know its complete bullshit. Well not Rex. Rex actually doesn’t give a fuck. Be morbidly obese, who cares? Swear like a sailor, who cares? Be a cocky asshole, who cares? Make foot pornos with my wife and put them on youtube, who cares?

So really when you think about it everyone kind of wishes they were Rex Ryan. Just a fat bumbling idiot walking through life not giving a fuck what anyone else in the world thinks. Bravo Rex, Bravo.


How pissed do you think this lady is? If you don’t think there is an intense rivalry in the foot porno vs hand porno game you are out of your skull. Its like Duke vs UNC but with far less perverts.


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