Sep 17 2010

Time For The Weekend…

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I need to get into this contest next year, no chance I don’t take home first place. Check back over the weekend for more picks and some weirdness tomorrow.

Have a good weekend….

Thanks to fat bastard for the tip

Sep 17 2010

Breaking News - X-Pac Arrested For Weed

Former WWF wrestler Sean Waltman aka X-Pac was arrested for possession of marijuana when he was trying to board a plane at Newark International Airport on Sunday (September 12).

The 38 year-old also showed up at the airport without ID since he had been robbed the night before at a party, according to his rep. X-Pac was subjected to an “extensive search” and that was when the authorities allegedly found only one joint. The former wrestler was released later that day.

Well this day officially sucks. My website is slow, Bob Barker fainted, and now X-Pac got arrested. Fuck man. Guess what they say is true, when it rains it pours.


When I say breaking news in the headline that means it happened within the last 3 days. Just want to clear that up so that no one gets confused. - We’ll give you breaking news, when we get around  to it.

Sep 17 2010

Ohio Woman Stops To Flash Pee Wee Football Team, Classy

She was booked into the county jail, processed and released

A woman is accused of flashing her breasts at a youth football team, coaches and parents say.

Tonya Brown, 33, was arrested and charged with public indecency about 630 pm Wednesday, according to Hamilton County court documents

She lifter her shirt on a field at Oskamp Park on Glenway Avenue in West Prince Hill and exposed her breasts, Cincinnati police wrote in court records.

Talk about some shit luck for these kids. One second your running gassers  and pushing that sled, and the next you’re staring at Tonya Brown’s nasty tits. I know one thing for certain, don’t bet on this team for the rest of the season, they’re fucked.  A lot of teams can come back from adversity but no team can overcome a pair of gross tits.


That’s a hard 33 right there.

Sep 17 2010

Dwarf Goat Killed In Drive By Shooting

A dwarf goat was killed in a drive-by shooting in Santa Fe, N.M., Sunday evening.

Neighbours said they heard three shots after a minivan pulled up in front of the house. Afterwards they discovered Maria the Nigerian dwarf goat had been shot in the abdomen and face, the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper reported. It was an hour before the animal died in the arms of its owner as neighbours gathered around.

Maria’s owners have two other goats that survived the shooting, as well as 12 chickens, four cats, a dog and a duck, most of which are rescue animals.

One neighbour told the newspaper everyone was in “total shock and disbelief” because the animals are beloved by everyone in the area.

One neighbour even rented the goats in the summer to eat the weeds in her backyard.

“I don’t know why anyone would do this,” another neighbour said, adding it’s unlikely someone living nearby did it. “These animals here have become almost a sense of community pride. They’re a talking point and have really brought the community together. There has never been any problems with the animals living here.”

Um, I know why someone killed this goat. Dwarf goat probably was slanging rock on someone else’s corner. Either that or it got out of line with the wrong person, and everyone knows you can’t let a dwarf goat run its mouth talking shit in your face. Unacceptable. You start letting Dwarf goats walk around all high and mighty and you’ve basically lost all your street cred. Gotta put that dwarf goat right back in its place.

Its a drug dealing dwarf goat, of course it got shot up in a drive by, I’ve seen this exact story play out a million times.


Lets get some perspective on life here folks. Its a goat, its not the end of the world. You know whats the end of the world? The fact that The Hot Glove has been slow as shit today, that’s the real tragedy here.


Talk about a slow news/internet day, I’m fucking blogging about pet goats over here. Squeezing water out of a rock.

Sep 17 2010

Best Video Game Ever….

Sep 17 2010

Hey Spy, it’s Friday, where’s the Fake Fact?!…Chill out man, I’m on it

Chad “The Chucklin Clown” Chastain, a 19th century circus performer, was the inspiration for Stephen King’s “It.”  Chastain was infamous for extreme body contortion which allowed him to wriggle into other performers’ dressing rooms to ‘choke the chuckles’ out of them.

The Spy’s Take:  Chucklin?  Not for long…

Sep 17 2010

Week 2 Picks, Some Bold Predictions and Not So Bold Predictions

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Week 2 action coming Hot!

We’re playing my favorite picking game today at The Hot Glove. Bold Prediction and Not So Bold Prediction.

Lets get to the picks…

Bills +13.5 @ Green Bay

Bold Prediction - Ryan Grant’s injury hurts the Packers more than people think and they miss the playoffs

Not so bold prediction - Trent Edwards will throw an interception and generally suck.

Chiefs  @ Browns-1

BP – The Chiefs have a huge let down from Monday night and lose by 3 touchdowns

NSBP – Eric Mangini looks like he has to take shit for 3 hours straight

Ravens @ Bengals +3

BP – The Bengals still win the AFC North this year

NSBP – Chad Ochocinco laughs at least 10 times and Ray Lewis looks like he wants to murder an innocent puppy

Eagles @ Lions +6

BP – Lions win this game outright

NSBP – Andy Reid’s man tits stay a cool 66 degrees in the climate controlled Ford Field

Steelers +5.5 @ Titans

BP – Dennis Dixon leads the Steelers to a 4-0 record and Big Ben comes back to lose his first 2, Quarterback controversy.

NSBP – Big Ben grows his hair out and looks like a combination of chunk from the goonies, Gordon gecko, and a gigantic booger.

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Sep 17 2010

Remember That Hot Chick That Got Acid Thrown On Her, Turns Out She Made The Whole Thing Up

Bethany Storro admitted to Vancouver Police Thursday that the acid ‘attack’ she said she suffered at the end of August was a hoax.

It’s not clear why - investigators wouldn’t say - Storro burned herself with acid, but Vancouver Police chief Clifford Cook said Storro was very “remorseful,” when they spoke with her Thursday morning.

Investigators served a warrant at Storro’s Vancouver home at 9:30 a.m., and she quickly admitted to the hoax.

My Original Article about Bethany Storro

Well don’t I just feel like the biggest Dummy in the entire world. Here I was taking Bethany Storro’s side blaming this whole fiasco on a phantom acid throwing ugly chick. Now what am I going to do? The reporting integrity of The Hot Glove has been completely undermined. I’ve been bamboozled. I’ve been had. The wool was pulled over my eyes by a psycho canadian lady that gets her kicks off burning her own face with Acid. I can never forgive you Bethany Storro, never.


My only logical explanation is that she wanted a face transplant similar to Sean Archer and Castor Troy in Face Off. Then I am 100% behind this move. In fact I might do it myself. Everyone will be like, “Hey Big Cat, why’d you burn your face with acid, you had such a pretty one”. Well everyone, I wanted the doctors to take my Face……Off!

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I was just joking about getting my face burned with acid and having it taken off. Everyone knows that if I ever got splashed with acid I would just get a mask and become the best wrestler in the entire world.

Sep 17 2010

Asshole Star Eating Other Stars Like It Ain’t No Thang

(Newser) – A “cannibal” star in the Pisces constellation appears to have gobbled up its neighbor and belched out a disc of dusty matter. X-Ray images revealed the remains of either a young star or a large planet inside BP Piscium, which has recently entered the expanding “red giant” phase of its evolution, the Telegraph reports.

“It appears that BP Piscium represents a star-eat-star universe, or maybe a star-eat-planet one,” one astronomer explained. The researchers say they’ve never caught a star in the act of consuming a neighbor before, although they believe our own planet may end up as a meal for the sun a few billion years from now. If you need more on stars of the astronomical variety, click here.

Fucking stars man, always eating each other and burping all over the universe. What happened to a little manners? A little excuse me would be nice after you burp up one of your star friends.

Not to mention this star is only eating kid stars. Go eat an adult star and maybe I’ll be impressed. Seriously, nothing is worse than a Pedophile star with canabilistic tendencies. Fucking bully.

Sep 17 2010

Pic Of The Day

I Just Want To Dance!

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