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Sep 23 2010

Spain Just Got Some Major Points In My Book

MADRID — Lawmakers who banned bullfighting in Spain’s Catalonia region this summer voted Wednesday to endorse other traditions that have been criticized as cruel to bulls, such as attaching burning sticks to their horns as they chase human thrill seekers.

The vote will only affect the Catalonia region of northeast Spain, but it addresses another manifestation of this country’s timeless fascination with bulls and the testing of people’s bravery with the snorting animals.

Well this is just about the most badass thing you can do right here. Flaming Bulls? Yes please. Good work Spain. Now if only those Cheese eating, wine drinking,  poopy pants Frenchmen to the north could take a hint and do something this cool maybe this world would be a better place.

Jul 09 2010

German Player Gets Faced By Spain’s Victory Party

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Are you serious dude? Youre going to just sit there and take those Spanish players congo lining right in your grill? I mean don’t the rules of soccer say you have to at least slap these guys. What has happened to beautiful game? Is there no more passion, no more fight?


In reality this German guy is just sitting there saying to himself  “you guys fucked up, Don’t you realize I’m German, I kill people for a living”. Guy probably called up Hans Gruber and had him kill the spanish player’s entire family in about 2 seconds.


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